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In March 2017 we enjoyed a simply spelndid recital to launch the refurbished organ.  The programme was


Sinfonia to Cantata 29                                                                    J.S. Bach arr. Guilmant

Adagio- Allegro from Organ Concerto in D Op.7, No.4                       Handel arr. Dupre

Andante K616 for mechanical organ                                                Mozart

Andante in D flat ( Moonlight and Roses)                                          Edwin Lemare

Fantasia on the Welsh hymntune Twrgwyn                                        T.J. Morgan

Processional                                                                                    William Mathias

Interlude in F                                                                                   Guilmant

Fugue in E flat BWV 552                                                                    J.S. Bach


What's new?

new console




The new console was commissioned on Friday 13th January 2017 which we hope will not upset it.

The organist will still be on the north side of the balcony, but facing the wall with CCTV, smoke a mirrors to work out what's going on.





Duke of Connaught Temple

Duke of Connaught Andrew copy

The Temple is arguably one of the finest remaining Victorian structures in use daily by Freemasons.  The mahogany panelling is rich in its splendour and creates a tranquil yet uplifting atmosphere as soon as you walk in. The Master's Chair is constructed of Austrian crown oak, standing 10' high and is surmounted by a massive canopy bearing the Llangattock Coat of Arms.

The soft furnishings pre-date foam cushioining and could even be said to be a little threadbare in places; but this authenticity is valued by those who come along.

The Temple seats almost 300 but no one is likely to have a preference for plastic folding chairs. So why have an electronic organ if we have the capability of preserving the best pipe organ currently in regular use by Freemasons.

Did you know...

Cardiff Masonic Hall is a licensed building for Marriages and Civil Partnerships and the organ may, by arrangement, be used for civil weddings.